Welcome to the always fun and never awkward "About me" page!  I’m guessing you would probably like to know a little about me before you trust me with your memories. I’ll spare you all of the boring “I love photography” comments haha. When I went to college and had to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, it didn’t occur to me that photography could be a “real" job so I decided to become a nurse. I started my photography business in 2008 and worked as an ER nurse for 11 years before deciding to completely commit myself to this business of mine.  Being a nurse prepared me for this job in more ways that I ever could have imagined. With my experience as an ER nurse I realize all too well that life isn’t promised and is a gift to be cherished. As those cherished moments in life pass us by, our photographs are what he have left. I love that when you hold a photograph, you hold a memory. 
I also love teaching and mentoring and welcome any opportunity to inspire others! 



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I love candy in all forms, especially cotton. I might even have my own cotton candy machine.  Keep the chocolate away though...gross.

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I love coke (a-cola) and even though we've tried to break up so many times and the relationship between us isn't healthy, I just keep going back.
Update :: I haven't had a regular coke since 2019...but now I'm addicted to coke zero..oops

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I have three kids...with way more energy than me! They are my "why" and keep me going. Thanks to them, I have a pretty good grasp on how to interact with my little clients. 

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I'm allergic to cats. Insert Santa and a little girl asking for a kitty for Christmas and now we are proud cat people. 

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I love smiling and laughing until my face hurts! I don’t sweat the
small stuff… life is too short. I will choose fun and memories
(and naps) over laundry any day. 

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I believe you can never say "Thank You" too much and I'm trying to raise my children to be grateful and
appreciative of everything in life.

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I grew up on a farm with amazing parents who taught me the value of working hard and how to dream. I'm a small-town girl with BIG dreams and I love my quiet, peaceful life in the country. It means so much to me that my clients are able to enjoy the place where I was raised when they come to visit my studio.

favorites & fun facts

“It turns out that sometimes dreams really do come true and if you have enough hustle and heart, anything is possible.”